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Submersible Pumps & Agitators

Submersible Pumps & Agitators

Submersible and dry mounted pumps

Our electric high quality submersible pumps with cutting device are used in storage tanks, reception pits, collecting tanks. Easy and fast installation without need of mounting materials. After the electric connection and piping connection the pump is just submersed into the tank
  • Pumps from 1,5 to 18,5 kw available
  • 1.500 RPM
  • For liquids up to approx. 10 % silid contents
  • Leakage Control Sensor
  • Pump Casing GG20/25
  • High Capacity
Agitators for all tank types

We offer agitators with a 2-blade propeller for different capacities.

  • Agitators from 1,5 to 18,5 kw available
  • Agitators with slow (268 RPM) and fast (750 RPM) rotation
  • Leakage Control Sensor
Mounting equipment available in galvanized or stainless steel finish.